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70’s Style Passenger Trains around New York City
By George Hamlin
This is an all-color look at passenger railroading in the metropolitan New York region in the 1970’s -- a fascinating era of transition, blending relics from the turn of the century with modern Turboliners built by a company that manufactured jet engines, and everything in between. Trains found on the former New York Central Harlem line and around the area, as well as the neighboring Hudson line, the New Haven, Jersey Central, Pennsy (including the jointly-owned tracks of the NY&LB at South Amboy) and end up on the Erie Lackawanna, checking out both the former Erie and D&LW lines. Color , Softcover.


Building Union Pacific 844; The Birth of the FEF-3 Steam Class
By John E. Bush
Union Pacific Railroad steam locomotive No. 844 continues to be familiar to generations of rail enthusiasts. When erected in December 1944, this 4-8-4 type was the last steam locomotive built for Union Pacific. However, until now, few details were available regarding the day-by-day activity that was involved in the actual construction of 844. This book looks at newly-discovered information about the engine's construction by the American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, N.Y., why it came to be built, how it survived and continue to be active on the Union Pacific roster. 56 pages, B&W, Softcover.


Colorado Rail Annual No. 33. Rio Grande Standard Gauge Passenger Trains & Cars
By Mike Davis and Herb Danneman
Historian Charles Albi:
"For the first time, here is the complete story of Rio Grande’s standard gauge passenger car fleet from the wooden cars of the 1880s through to the ski train of the 1980s. Included is a year-by-year history of passenger service, detailed rosters of different eras, famous trains like the California Zephyr and obscure ones like the San Luis. It is the result of many years of research and will become the definitive source of information on this fascinating topic."

8.5" x 11", 352 pages, over 400 images, more than half in color (many published for the first time), along with numerous illustrations of timetables, passes, menus and advertising matter.

Even more information on the included CD-ROM!
Detailed passenger car rosters compiled by the legendary Herb Danneman: a Chronological Roster, a Car Roster & a Summary Roster. 344 pages, Hardcover.
Conrail Rainbow Years V. 1
By Richard Herbert & George Povall
The first in a series of titles covering Conrail’s first four years of operations (1976-1979), this book features the photographic handiwork of the late Richard "Herbie" Herbert, with some additional photos added from the collection of his good friend George Povall. The book covers Conrail’s “Rainbow Years,” when motive power in a variety of patched-out color schemes from its six predecessor railroads operated across the new Conrail system. A smattering of freshly painted Conrail blue locomotives, as well as other railroads’ locomotives that were leased to alleviate power shortages, added to the color palette. This book features over 140 full-color images of Conrail’s Rainbow Years from across the northeastern United States. 80 pages, Color, Softcover.



Dakotas Railroad Maps
Handy guide to today's railroads in North Dakota and South Dakota noted for their clarity, accuracy and ease of use. Designed for quick reference in the field in a narrow format that fits in your pocket or camera bag. Each page highlights a separate subdivision and follows the line throughout its length, crossing state boundaries as necessary. Nearby abandoned or unused routes are also shown as space allows.

Class Ones: • BNSF Railway • Canadian Pacific
Regionals/Shortlines:  • Dakota & Iowa • Dakota Northern • Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern
• Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western • Dakota Southern • Ellis & Eastern • Northern Plains
• Red River Valley & Western • Sisseton-Millbank • State of South Dakota • Sunflour
• Yellowstone Valley

Other Features:
• Detailed maps arranged by subdivision
• Station index, detector and crossover location
• Mainline radio frequencies
• Major highways shown for reference
• Centerspread locator map is keyed to page numbers of detail maps
• Printed on heavy ivory-colored stock for reduced glare and increased durability in the field
62 pages, Saddle Stitched, Softcover.

Ex Santa Fe; The Story of a Prairie Regional Central Kansas Rwy 1993-2001
By Sam Andrews
Don't let the hazy, foggy day cover image cause you to not consider adding this title to your library. Inside the book has photographs taken on better days. All photographs inside are in color with good reproduction. In addition to the text and photographs are maps and track schematics, a locomotive roster and timetable information. The rail network across the southern Great Plains was dramatically changed in 1993 by creation of the Central Kansas Railway, a regional formed from 800 miles of branch line trackage previously operated by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway. This book tells about both the CKRY and its "sister" short line, the Kansas Southwestern, the latter created from cast-off Union Pacific branch lines. Together the two companies provided essential freight service to Wichita and many agrarian towns in the surrounding region of Kansas and northern Oklahoma. The combined system was sold to Watco, Inc. in 2001, and operations continue today. Ex-Santa Fe tells how CKRY continued to have a close association with AT&SF following the sale, with details on traffic operations, motive power and facilities. Included are 115 color photographs, along with maps and engine rosters.

Prelude: The Kansas Southwestern Railway, pp. 9-28;
The Santa Fe Fades Away, pp. 29-40;
Early Central Kansas Railway Operations, pp. 41-52;
Early Equipment and Facilities, pp. 53-56;
Harvests and Floods, pp. 57-60;
More Harvests, More Abandonments, pp. 61-70;
Santa Fe to BNSF, pp. 71-72;
Despair, Merger and Sale, pp. 73-78;
Watco Rebirth, pp. 79-82;
Locomotive Rosters, pp. 83-90;
Bibliography, About the Author, Index, 91-96.
South Platte Press, Softcover, 96 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .25 in., 115 Color photographs and maps.

Historical Inventory of the Union Pacific RR 1946
Listing of agencies, Stations, Locomotives, Equipment etc. Reprint of form 70, Issue #64 Softcover, Horizontal, Spiral Bound. 286 pages, B&W, Softcover.

Illinois Railroad Maps
Handy guide to today's railroads in Illinois are noted for their clarity, accuracy and ease of use. Designed for quick reference in the field in a narrow format that fits in your pocket or camera bag. Each page highlights a separate subdivision and follows the line throughout its length, crossing state boundaries as necessary. Nearby abandoned or unused routes are also shown as space allows.

Class Ones: • BNSF Railway • Canadian National • CP Rail • CSX • Kansas City Southern
• Norfolk Southern • Union Pacific
Regionals/Shortlines:  • Bloomer Line • Chicago-Chemung • Chicago Rail Link
• Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern • Decatur Junction • Eastern Illinois • Evansville Western
• Illinois Midland • Illinois Railway • Indiana Harbor Belt • Indiana Railroad • Iowa Interstate
• Joppa & Eastern • Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern • Keokuk Junction • Tazewell & Peoria
• Vandalia Railroad • Wisconsin Southern

Other Features:
• Detailed maps arranged by subdivision
• Station index, detector and tunnel locations
• Major highways shown for reference
• Fold-out locator map inside back cover is easy to access and is keyed to page numbers of detail maps
• Printed on heavy ivory-colored stock for reduced glare and increased durability
• Spiral bound to open flat. Folds back easily to keep your place!
92 pages, Softcover.

Maine Central; My Life on the Pine Tree Route 1971-1996
By George Pitarys, railroad Explorer Pub.
The story of the Maine Central in glory years of 70s, 80s and into 90’s by A Maine Central career railroader. 128 pages, Color, Hardcover.
Norfolk Southern Locomotive Directory 2018 - 2019
By Paul K. Withers
Since 1998, Withers Publishing has been producing the most comprehensive directory of Norfolk Southern’s varied locomotive fleet. In this edition, we continue a unit-by-unit listing of the carrier’s 3,988 units, along with more than 150 color photographs. All this in a handy, 200-page, 6 x 9” size, Color, Softcover book.
Rail Competition Along Wisconsin's Western Wall
By Dean Freimund
Wisconsin's western border blends a busy variety of colorful action with stunning scenery. This book will fill your eyes with bold competition between rivals from Duluth in the north to Dubuque in the south. From the early 1960s on, stunning vistas near Lake Superior highlight obstacles carriers have to surmount as they faced off against each other to vie for freight and passengers. As lines bridge and follow the Mississippi River and its bluffs, nature's beauty and the carriers' diesels will tantalize your mind as you see adversaries vie for every ton and each passenger.
144 pages, All Color, Hardcover.
Shortlines of Northern California Volume 1
By Jim Shaw
This title contains 160 pages, more than 300 never before published photos (most in color), plus an in depth Northern California railroad map developed especially for this new book. Each shortline has a short intro with and includes a brief history. 160 pages, B&W/Color, Hardcover.
Southern Pacific Volume 1 - Sacramento, CA to Sparks, NV
By David Houston
This title features a previously unpublished author, David Houston, founder of Daylight Sales. You’ll enjoy sharing his large collection of SP photos, each featuring detailed information on the history of each locomotive. Volume One covers the SP from Sacramento to Sparks, NV, and gives a glimpse of what was running during the 1960s until the 1990s. F-units, rotary snow plows, the Reno Fun Train and SD45s, they’re all here. Stunning snow shots by B. Douglas Jensen compliment what Dave photographed when the weather was better. 144 pages, Color, Hardcover.
Southern Pacific Western Division
By Brian Jennison and Victor Neves
Southern Pacific Western Division is an all-color pictorial covering the operations of the Southern Pacific Railroad in northern and central California, from Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, north to Eureka and south to San Luis Obispo. Seven chapters present stunning color photography of the diverse geography of this part of the Golden State, from redwood forests to open farmland to scenic bayside and ocean vistas to busy urban centers. While emphasis is on operations in the 1960 through 1990 timeframe, Southern Pacific Western Division includes many historic photos from the 1940s and '50s as well, some of which have not previously been published. It's all here: The multitude of fabulous paint schemes that SP used in the steam-diesel transition era, including Daylight, Black Widow, Tiger Stripes, and Gray & Scarlet, plus several experimental and special patriotic paint schemes. Many of the named passenger trains, such as the Lark, the Owl, the Cascades, the CoastNoonSan Joaquin and Shasta Daylights, the Redwood, the Senator and even the maid-of-all-work Tehachapi are covered, as well as the coast mail trains, the Peninsula commutes and early Amtrak. SP’s diverse steam motive power is presented, with Consolidations, Mountains, GS-Class and of course the big Cab Ahead Articulated Consolidations featured. Diesels from EMD, GE, Alco, Fairbanks Morse, and the German builder Krauss-Maffei are shown in a variety of first, second, and third generation cab and hood configurations. Salient aspects of the histories of the Central Pacific and Southern Pacific are discussed in the chapter introductions and many informative photo captions, and day-to-day freight operations are presented in detail, referencing employee timetables as appropriate. The work has been reviewed by career Southern Pacific employees whose contributions are gratefully acknowledged. Although the Southern Pacific is gone, having been merged into the giant Union Pacific, the railroad lives on through these photographs, and the reader will come away with an appreciation for this once-mightiest of western roads. 256 pages, 384 photos, 8 maps. Hardcover, Horizontal Format.
The Southern Railway
By Ronald C. Flanary
There was a time, particularly during the 1970s, when virtually every railroad enthusiast was, in some manner, a Southern Railway fan. The cause for such notoriety was the Southern's long-running steam excursions, a program that began in 1966 and was eventually discontinued by successor Norfolk Southern in 1994. As spectacular and successful as the steam program was, it did not adequately touch on the extraordinary success of the Southern as a railroad system. The company that gave a "Green Light to Innovations" was always at the forefront of the US railroad industry by virtually any metric one could use. Rather than being remembered for its grand, green and gold-striped Ps-4 Pacific types, Saluda Grade, or the streamlined Southerner of 1941, it was the "modern" Southern that commanded respect. Southern was an early convert to diesel-electric traction. The company's management led the way into the 1960s with remote midtrain, mechanized track gangs, welded rail, and a fleet of specialized freight cars to handle all types of commodities and finished goods. There was also one of the earliest computer-driven car location systems, a virtually spotless safety record, and ground-breaking regulatory accomplishments that proved to be precursors to today's largely unregulated industry. Today's railroad industry is now largely free from the archaic constraints that kept it from being fully competitive with other forms of transportation, thanks in large part to Southern's innovations. This book, the combined efforts of 75 photographers plus input from some of the leading historians of the railroad that "Served the South," is a division-by-division visual tour of the work-a-day Southern. This 256-page volume, with 380 outstanding color images, and 12 detailed maps, is the most comprehensive visual history of the modern Southern ever published. Chapter introductions provide context to better understand each geographic region's traffic base, its lines and terminals, and of course its trains. It's all here as well, from first class freights with nearly 200 cars and midtrain power, plus the Southern Crescent, on down to the most lowly of yard switchers, local freights and mine runs. And of note is the foreword written by Wick Moorman, who started his distinguished railroad career with the Southern. 256 pages, 380 Color Photos, 12 Detailed Maps, Hardcover.

The Structure Handbook for Model Railroaders
By Stephen Priest
Structures are a key part of your model railroad, providing visual interest as well as supporting the operation of your railroad. The Structure Handbook offers modelers new skills, tips, and tricks that can be applied to the construction, finishing, and placement of structures in any scale. Topics include:

  • Scene Integration
  • Paint and Glue
  • Wood Kits
  • Plastic Kits
  • Kitbashing 
  • Lighting
  • Materials
    Softcover, Vertical Format

The TTX Story
By James D. Panza; Richard W. Dawson; Ronald P. Sellberg
The Pennsylvania Railroad and Rail-Trailer Co. formed Trailer Train Co. in 1955 to expand piggyback service amongst the nation's railroads. PRR intially managed TTX, which expanded its ownership to 41 railroads. The 62-year journey started with 500 flatcars in 1956 and grew to over 161,000 cars (TOFC, auto rack, Railbox, Railgon, and special equipped) today. The authors, combined, have over 90 years of service with Trailer Train/TTX. They present much "insider" information on company decisions, car design, and the shift to container intermodal service. 624 pages, All Color, Horizontal Format, Hardcover.
(2 Volume Set) (Sets will NOT be split.)
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Union Pacific America's Premier Railroad for Over 150 Years
By John Kelly
No other railroad in this country has retained its historical equipment and honored its place in history like the Union Pacific. As 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of transcontinental railway, noted author John Kelly takes this time to look back at some of the defining moments in UP history. The book contains an array of photos, as well as vintage UP timetables, dining car menus, travel brochures, postcards and advertising. 126 pages

Wisconsin Railroad Map
Handy guide to today's railroads in Wisconsin noted for their clarity, accuracy and ease of use. Designed for quick reference in the field in a narrow format that fits in your pocket or camera bag. Each page highlights a separate subdivision and follows the line throughout its length, crossing state boundaries as necessary. Nearby abandoned or unused routes are also shown as space allows.

Class Ones: Canadian National • Canadian Pacific • BNSF Railway • Union Pacific
Regionals/Shortlines: East Troy Railroad • Escanaba and Lake Superior • Tomahawk Railroad • Wisconsin Great Northern • Wisconsin Northern • Wisconsin & Southern
49 pages, Softcover.