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Beebe & Clegg; Their Enduring Photographic Legacy
By John Gruber and John Ryan assisted by Mel Patrick
The book offers insights about the professional and personal lives of the partners who were instrumental in introducing railroad photography and the world of railroading to a wide audience. The new book includes 222 images from the extensive collection at the California State Railroad Museum Library and Archives, many of which have not been published before. 244 pages, B&W, Hardcover.


Chicago & North Western, Milwaukee Road, Rock Island and Union Pacific Interline Dining & Lounge Cars in Southern Pacific Passenger Trains
By Jeff A. Cauthen w/Donald M. Munge
Authors Cauthen and Munger, with credits to their names in all matters Southern Pacific passenger equipment, have prepared this companion volume to the previous Southern Pacifi Passenger Car series. Here you'll find detailed the dining and lounge cars of the C&NW, Milwaukee Road, Rock Island and Union Pacific used in the jointly operated trains on the Overland and Golden State Routes. 208 pages, 265 photos - 25 in Color, 59 plans, Horizontal Format, Hardcover.


Denver & Rio Grande; The Early Years
By Mallory Hope Ferrell
It was a glorious period that has been termed the days of “wooden cars and iron men.” Today it is difficult to even comprehend the tremendous amounts of energy, manpower and money that went into constructing the Denver & Rio Grande into and across the Rocky Mountains. The courage, determination and sheer guts of such an undertaking are impressively apparent today on the two remaining portions of three-foot gauge trackage out of Durango, Colorado and Chama, New Mexico. By 1883, Palmer’s “Narrow Gauge Transcontinental” mainline stretched 771 miles from Denver to Ogden. The Pullman sleeper-equipped Pacific Express (westbound) and the eastbound Atlantic Express operated on a forty-one and a-half hour schedule and was trailed by “named” parlor cars. Elsewhere, on the Cumbres Pass line in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, the daily Colorado & New Mexico Express ran in both directions between Salida, Alamosa and Durango, with a helper being added for the 14 miles of steep four-percent grade between Chama and the 10,015-foot summit at Cumbres. A hike along the abandoned grades over Marshall, Cerro Summit and Poncha Pass is sure to bring visions of a small 2-8-0 Consolidation and a diminutive 4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler as they blasted upgrade with an 1890s varnish run. You can almost hear the double header’s exhaust, smell the coal smoke mixed with valve oil and feel the saturated steam as the consist passes. After over 60 years of research and what the late Robert W. Richardson termed “picture hunting”, this book is a pictorial history of the D&RG’s narrow gauge. The Rio Grande Glory Days are preserved here in rare old photographs and art. Climb aboard for the ride of your life as we relive the days when the world and the Rio Grande were young. Almost every quality photograph available from 1873 to 1921 has been included in this volume. No Rio Grande or early railroading enthusiast will want to be without Ferrell's 22nd (and last) book. 320 pages, 650 Rare B&W Photos, Maps, Horizontal Format, Hardcover.
Freight Car Handbook
By Stephen M. Priest
Freight cars make up the majority of rolling stock in North America. There are literally thousands of car designs and dozens of car types. This book is your gateway to some of these cars. Whether you are researching a particular car type, looking for a scratchbuilding project, or just love rolling stock drawings, this book is for you. Included are hundreds of elevations, details, and plans carefully recreated by some of Railroad Model Craftsman’s best draftsmen. All eras are represented in clear and accurate renderings. Both black and white and color is represented with the latter type showing complete car painting and lettering designs. 98 pages, Prototype History, Paint Schemes, Equipment Drawings, Softcover.
Great Northern Railway; A Photo History 1945-1970, Expanded 2nd Edition
By Byron D. Olson
A complete look at the operations of the Great Northern Railway. Very few steam locomotive photos. Many Company photos. 127 pages, B&W photos with a few Color photos, Softcover.
Passenger Train Annual 2018
From editors of Passenger Train Journal
For lovers of passenger rail transport, the 2018 Passenger Train Annual is not to be missed. This year's edition brings you a colorful cross-section of passenger-train operations from the past and present. Featuring:
Amtrak's Southern DNA • by Mike Schafer — An ancestral survey of long-distance trains.
New Trains of 1948 — A bumper crop of new and re-equipped postwar streamliners.
Incredible Journey • by Al Lill with David Walmsley — Creating the private car Pullman Spirit.
All Aboard 1968 — U.S. and Canadian passenger trains from 50 years ago.
The Trams of Hong Kong • by Kevin J. Holland — A living link to the past in an ever-changing city.
Accidental Varnish • by Carl Graves — Passenger trains in unexpected places.
The Centurys No Longer Pass in the Night • by Geoffrey H. Doughty — Recalling a 1969 trip on Penn Central.
96 pages, Color & B&W photos, Softcover.
Photobob’s ESPEE
Images by Robert Morris, Narrative by Robert J. Zenk
• 35 years of the Southern Pacific 
• Coverage from 1960s to 1990s 
• Over 170 B&W photographs 
• 40 full color photographs 
• Narrative text by Bob Zenk 
• 10.5 by 8.5-inch landscape
223 pages, 174 B&W photos, 40 Color photos, 1 image to each page, Softcover
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #20
Flat car loading practices; GATC airslide covered hopper; Part 2 RR leased cars. REPRINT. Photos, data, models.
112 pages, B&W, Few Color, Softcover.
Reading Railroad Book V
By Den Bernhart
Book Contains photos of the Reading RR in the area between Oley Street, Reading, PA and Belt Line Jct. Muhlenberg township which primarily covers the Reading Shop Complex.
4674 pages, Horizontal Format, Hardcover.
Southland Southern California Railroading in the Golden Age of Kodachrome
By Gordon Glattenberg, Wm. H. Mills and Tom Gilersleeve
The photographic trio began their exploration of the Southland in the early 1950s, when profound societal and technological change began to sweep the Golden State. Beyond the Technicolor dreams Hollywood was sending around the world, citrus groves were steadily giving way to industrialization and suburban sprawl. An expanding web of freeways was turning trolleys into antiques, while colorful new diesel locomotives steadily took the reins from steam's iron horse. Transition was in full flower, providing the authors with intriguing subject matter cast against a wide array of dramatic settings. At a time when most photographers documented the industry in black and white, Gildersleeve, Glattenberg, and Mills made Kodachrome their film of choice, opting for a medium that could realistically capture the full palette of their surroundings. Popular publishing was predominantly a monochrome enterprise, providing few opportunities for color shooters beyond slide shows at private homes and railroad club meetings. It would be the mid-1970s before new technology allowed all three of the authors to reach a wider audience. The decision to concentrate on color photography might be construed as an act of faith, with little reward beyond the satisfaction of a job well done. As this volume will attest, that faith has been rewarded on a grand scale. Some 345 color images invite inspection, the majority of them being published for the first time. Focusing on the years between the mid-1950s and late 1960s, Southland takes the reader on a wide-ranging tour of the region between Bakersfield and the Mexican border. Six chapters and eight detailed maps, with comprehensive captions by award-winning photojournalist Ted Benson, convey the excitement of Southern California railroading in the golden age of Kodachrome. Over 250 action-packed pages depict the full sweep of activity, from Santa Fe Alco PAs and Union Pacific gas-turbine electrics battling Cajon Pass, to Southern Pacific 4449 in the days when the famed steam locomotive was just another Daylight 4-8-4. Red and yellow trolley cars thread the bustling streets of Los Angeles, contrasting with trios of GP9s roaming the wilds of Carrizo Gorge. From busy double-track mountain main lines to thrice-weekly locals in the Mojave Desert, there's something for every reader in the pages of Southland.
Tehachapi & Beyond
• Owenyo Branch • Saugus Line
Los Angeles Basin
The Surf Line
Imperial Gateway
• San Diego & Arizona Eastern • Kaiser Steel • Sunset Route
Cajon Pass
Mojave Crossings
256 pages, Horizontal Format, Outstanding Color Photos, Hardcover.
SP Trainline; Summer 2018 #136
SP Gallery, Ashland, Oregon Centennial, pp. 2-3;
Modeling the SP, pg. 6;
Bad Night at Wellsona (rear-end collision into the LARK), pp. 7-12;
The STARLIGHT, Trains 94 and 95, SP's "Ghost Daylight", pp. 13-30;
From the Archives (Davis, CA depot 1913), pp. 31-35;
Watsonville Junction in the 1970s, pp. 36-43;
Southern Pacific News Agents, pp. 44-47;
Soo Line/CP Rail In The Twin Cities; A Color Pictorial
By Dean Freimund
Study and savor many colorful, dramatic images of Soo Line and CP Rail operations in the Twin Cities and outlying terminals from 1985-2015. A former employee who worked the extra board for ten years examines many of the locomotives and most of the jobs and the routes over which the crews hauled freight, interchanged cars with other railroads and serviced customers throughout the beautiful and busy service area. 144 pages, Map, 400 Color Photos, Hardcover.
The Great Northern
By Richard Yaremko
This is an all-color pictorial of James J. Hill's Great Northern Railway. Formed from a pair of bankrupt startup Minnesota railroads in 1878, Hill and his partners went on to acquire and build, with private money, what would become a railroad empire. First as the St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba then, after reorganization, renamed the Great Northern Railway in 1890. Hill's investors would never have to contend with another financial failure. Hill's railroad construction enterprise expanded beyond Minnesota to connect the Duluth-Superior Lakehead to the west coast at Everett, Washington, followed by a north-south link connecting Vancouver, British Columbia, with Seattle, Portland, and California. 256 pages, Hardcover.

The Great Railroad War: United States Railway Operations During World War I
By Rudolph L. Daniels
World War I was the first worldwide conflict of its kind, requiring mass mobilizations at unrivaled levels. Tasked to move troops, equipment, ammunition, and supplies around the clock, American railroads were pushed to the precipice of failure. Despite the difficulties, American railroads and railroaders had a profound impact on the war effort. This book is the story of the unpreparedness of the railroads for an unprecedented war, the 1918 government takeover to ensure safety and peak operating efficiency, and the subsequent relinquishment of the railroads with the groundbreaking Transportation Act of 1920. Daniels discusses the operational details of United States rail shipments both at home and abroad, and how these operations interplayed and overlapped with military operations in France and Russia. 159 pages, B&W, Softcover.

The Milwaukee Road to the Pacific Northwest;
The Pacific Extension Photography of John W. Barriger III

By Thornton Waite
John W. Barriger III was a well-know and popular railroad official who also was a 'railroad buff' or 'railfan'. He took many photographs in his travels and this title includes photographs he had taken of the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Extension. Also included are photographs from company files and governement files. These photographs were taken in Black & White as color film was not yet available or too new to be used for archival records. Most pages include one B&W photograph with an extensive caption. The locations photographed begin in the Pacific Northwest and end in Aberdeen, South Dakota.106 pages, 102 B&W Photos, Extensive Captions, Map, Softcover.
The Trains of Lincoln Station 
By Richard L. Schmeling and Michael M. Bartles
All color, but for two photos of steamers. “…mainly meant to be a sharing of images taken of the railroads that served Lincoln’s Burlington station and its environs between the early 1960s and the year 2012.  Many nice photos, mostly Q, BN, Amtrak, some SF and BNSF. 64 pages, Horizontal Format, Softcover.