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Applying Lessons from the Prototype
By: Tony Koester
This inspirational book of ideas and concepts comes from well-known author and Model Railroader contributing editor Tony Koester. Featuring 15 popular columns from his Trains of Thought column, Tony walks you through all facets of looking at prototype railroads for guidance and information on modeling scenic details and operations. Applying Lessons From the Prototype is perfect for modelers looking to design and build a new layout, or those who just want to take their existing layout to the next level by incorporating features of a specific prototype railroad. This all-new 112-page book covers a wide variety of subjects including: 
 • Layout design
 • Track planning
 • Realistic operation
 • Scenery and structures
 • And more!
112 pages, Softcover.



Bobbers North America’s Four Wheeled Cabooses
By Ed. W. Neubaum
The late Ed Neubaum spent over four decades studying the history, construction, and users of the most diminutive cabooses ever to ride North American rails. These cars were built from shortly after the Civil War until the mid-1910s, when state laws heavily restricted their use. Still, several cars remained in service into the late 1960s, and many survive today in preservation. With Black-and-White photographs of bobber cabooses on 130 different railroads, this book is a comprehensive look at the operations and history of four-wheeled cabooses across the continent. 140 pages, B&W, Softcover.


Manufacturers Catalog Archive Bucyrus-Erie Co. V.1
This volume reproduces catalogs & brochures from Bucyrus-Erie on their cranes.  Included in this volume are: 1020 1/2 yard Convertible Machine - including a look at the different attachments available- Clamshell, Lifting Crane, Shovel, Dragline and Frag Shovel. 120-B 4 Yard Revolving Shovel - includes both the Electric and Steam versions.  Class 200 17 1/2 Railway Crane, Bucyrus 14-B Revolving Shovel, Each of the brochures includes numerous photos and drawings of the cranes and shovels. 72 pages, B&W, Softcover.


Manufacturers Catalog Archive Mining Locomotives of Ironton and General Electric Co.
This book reproduces catalogs from Ironton and General Electric featuring mining locomotives and related equipment.Ironton Bulletin 555 covers their Storage Battery and Combination locomotives used in mining operations. Included are a variety of single and double motor models. Also detailed are the Ironton Power Unit for operating Coal Mining Equipment, Storage Battery Transfer Cars for carrying cars loading brick, tile or other material to dryers or kilns, and battery charging equipment.  General Electric No. 1030 covers the electric mine locomotives built by the company circa 1900.  This brochure covers the basics of mining locomotives, the GE standard model and its components. Also included are details on the company's Coke Oven Larries. 94 pages, B&W, Softcover.


New Haven Railroad, The final Decades
By Scott Hartley
While the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad struggled to survive in the 1950s and 1960s, it remained a fan favorite to the end. Lavishly illustrated with photos accompanied by substantive captions, from the New Haven’s colorful diesel era, including Alco DL109s and PAs, EMD FL9s and Geeps, Fairbanks-Morse diesels, and a variety of electric motors. There are detailed maps to accompany extensive diesel and electric locomotive rosters. 160 pages, Color, Hardcover.


Rails Above The Hudson River: The Poughkeepsie Bridge Route Joining New England with the West
By John M. Ham & R.A. Liller with RR Historian George. Ford Jr.
Over the years, significant detailed written histories of the different railroads leading to the completion of the great Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge have been published by noted authors and railroad historians. In this publication, the authors have tried to tie all this together into a single, heavily illustrated book that takes you along the way from the great yards at Maybrook, New York, across the Hudson to Connecticut's capitol city of Hartford and to the Cedar Hill Yards at New Haven. A short narrative of significant historic subject matter precedes sections of the book that includes more than 100 different station stops along the way. The authors have worked diligently to gather more than 600 quality photographs (many in Color), maps, passes and timetables with each photograph having a descriptive caption to help tell the story. 300 pages, B&W & Color, Hardcover.
Reading Railroad V. 1
By: Ben L. Bernhart
Hardcover, 462 pages, Color & B&W Photos.
Southern Pacific Los Angeles Division
By John Signor, SPH&TS
From the first stirring of a Los Angeles & San Pedro Railroad locomotive in January 1869, to the merger with Union Pacific on September 11, 1996, Southern Pacific’s Los Angeles Division in all of its manifestations was an engine of growth and prosperity in Southern California. It employed many thousands over the years in its offices, shops and trains. It brought settlers west, established towns, brought war workers in and sent the troops home. Much has been written about the Southern Pacific and its subsidiaries in the Southland. This volume was conceived to augment these works by tracing the long and involved operating history of the Southern Pacific as it first helped to create Southern California, then later adapted to cope with its explosive growth. Accompanying the text are over 1,000 photographs—most never published, including 456 in color—timetables and other ephemera, and 76 maps, many of which are rendered in the author’s unique “bird’s eye view” style.With Los Angeles as a destination of significance from the beginning, the author has been able to draw from a wealth of historic material on the subject, preserved by the railway itself, official repositories, interested employees and other individuals which includes photographs, first hand experiences and the day-to-day paperwork that documented how SP operated in Southern California. Southern Pacific’s Los Angeles Division is sure to find a place on the book shelves of those interested in the SP, or the history of Southern California as a whole. 584 pages, Hardcover.
Southern Pacific Pictorial AC-1 to AC-3 Class 2-8-8-2 Cab Forward & AC-4 to AC-12 Class 4-8-8-2, Volume 27
By Jeff Ainsworth
Covers AC-1 to AC-3 Class 2-8-8-2 Cab Forward and the AC-4 to AC-12 Class 4-8-8-2 Pictorial. Includes one large B&W photo per page. Includes model #, road number, build #, build date, retirement date, location, date of photo & photographer's name. Softcover, B&W, Softcover.
SP Trainline; Winter 2021 #146
Train watching at Alamogordo in 1960; The view from the Tower; SP gallery; winter on the SP and more.
Taconite, New Life for Minnesota’s Iron Range The History of Erie Mining
This book is a history of the Erie Mining Company in Minnesota. Written by former employees, this book looks to tell the story of Erie Mining from its formation in 1940 to its closure in 2001.  The book examines the vast amount of pioneering work involved in developing an economically feasible method to mine and process a previously worthless low grade iron ore called taconite.  By turning taconite into a high quality product, the development of Minnesota's mineral resources was made possible. This ensured Minnesota's continued prominence as the major supplier of the iron ore critical to the nation's security and advancement of it's standard of the living.  Beginning with the early experiments, the book follows the construction of both the Erie Preliminary Taconite Plant and the Commercial Plant.  Using oral histories of former employees, the book details the operations of the plant, it's growth and expansion, the union and people of Erie Mining and the closure of the company. 352 pages, Hardcover.
The Broadway Limited
By Joel Rosenbaum and Tom Gallo
A pictorial look at the Pennsylvania Railroad’s most famous long-distance train, The Broadway Limited includes many photos of the train from its inception through the Penn Central and into the Amtrak era. It is well illustrated with period advertising and includes schedules and dining car menus, along with a substantive historical text. 96 pages, Color and B&W, Softcover.
The Railroad Photography of J.Parker Lamb
By Kevin Keefe, intro by Fred W. Frailey
Book showcases the black-and-white imagery of a master of the craft. Parker Lamb came of age in the South and the Midwest during a time of great transition on railroads in the United States. New technology was replacing the steam locomotives and labor-intensive practices that had dominating railroading for more than a century. Cameras in hand, Lamb bore witness to the end of that era and continued to vividly portray all that followed. His lyrical photographs depict new diesels, waning passenger trains, blossoming freight business, and many of the people who worked in, and were captivated by, the great American institution of the railroad. A biographical essay by noted transportation journalist Fred W. Frailey explores Lamb’s life and photographic contributions, while captions by former Trainsmagazine editor Kevin P. Keefe add context to Lamb’s imagery. 208 pages, B&W, Hardcover.
The Stylish EMD GP30
By Diesel Era, Paul Withers
Following the format of Wither's other successful locomotive model books, this next offering covers EMD's unique GP30 model. The 29 original owners plus the EMD demostrators are covered. Printed and bound in the U.S.A. 208 pages, Color & B&W, Hardcover.